IKSU is about to change its operational system - all data is moved to the new system. The reason for the change is to increase reliability and to get a system that is better suited for our business.

From Tuesday, March 24, you will notice that next week's classes are not visible in the reservationsystem. You can book / cancel classes in the current app / web booking up until 1 April. Because of the change of system, all bookable activities will expire in the afternoon and evening of 1 April.

How does it affect me?

Book classes and courts
The reservation system counts down to the change, which means you can book no further than to 1 April at 13:00, when the old system closes. Because of the change of system, all bookable activities will expire starting in the afternoon and evening of 1 April. The reservation of classes and courts open again for booking from 2 April at 09:00. This means that the number of days you can book in advance reduces the closer to April 1 you get. (Further explanation in the right margin) 

New booking app
The old booking app / web booking will be replaced with a new one from April 2, at 09.00. From that day and time reservations are made poosible using the new booking app / web booking and will work as usual again and with 7 days ahead. 

You need to create a new password in the new system. This is done in our web booking by clicking on "Forgot Password". The username is the same as before, your email adress.

Please note that you can not check-in, using the new app. Use the check-in counters at our facilities. In addition to booking classes you can also buy training cards, membership and book treatments in the new app.

Treatment bookings
You will not be able to book treatments Monday, March 30 to Wednesday, April 1. Cancellations can only be made over phone during these days. New bookings can be made from Thursday, April 2

The web shop is closed from Sunday, 29 March 22:00 and will reopen April 2. During this period you will not be able to buy a training card, membership or pay lock out fees via web or app.

You can not shop at our facilities these days. Our café at IKSU spa will be closed during the period that the pay desks are closed and we will not be able to sell things in our receptions. Treatment reservations will be billed.


What do I have to do?

The app is updated if you have selected automatic updates on your phone, otherwise you need to update the app after 09:00 am on 2 April.

You create a new password by going into the new web booking, enter your email address and click the "Forgot Password".

To check in, use the check-in counters at our facilities.



The reservation counts down

That means you can book as follows until April 1 at 13:00

March 24 - book 8 days ahead
March 25 - book 7 days ahead
March 26 - book 6 days ahead
March 27 - book 5 days ahead
March 28 - book 4 days ahead
March 29 - book 3 days ahead
March 30 - book 2 days ahead
March 31 - book 1 day ahead


A new system means that staff need to learn many new things. We can handle some questions faster and easier while other issues need some more time. We do our very best, but maybe you need a little extra patience with us in the coming weeks.