Följ med oss ut i februarimörkret på en härlig, krispig löprunda! I pannlampornas sken kommer vi lunka fram genom skogen och småprata om livets egenheter. Häng med!

Vi möts upp på förbestämd plats som vi kommer fram till på förmötet. Sedan tar vi oss runt på en behaglig löptur i pannlampornas sken. Vi kommer vara ute ungefär 1,5 timme innan vi kommer tillbaka till ursprungsplatsen, nöjda efter dagens strapats.

Under förmötet bestämmer vi vilken rutt vi ska ta samt går igenom hur man kan tänka inför vinterlöpning.

Running in the February Darkness with a Head Torch

Join us for a wonderful, crispy run in the darkness of February! In the light of a head torch, we will go for an easy run in the forest and chat about the peculiarities of life. Come along!

We´ll meet up at a predetermined place, which we decide at the pre-meeting, at 18.30. Then we´ll run around at a pleasant pace in the lights of the head torches. We´ll be outside in approx. 1.5 hours before we return to the place where we started, happy after the workout of the day.

During the pre-meeting, we´ll decide what route we´ll take and the guides will teach you tips and tricks for how to dress smart during winter-running.

Att ta med

Löparskor, eventuellt med broddar
Löparkläder (vi går igenom vad vi rekommenderar under förmötet)
Vätskebälte, valfritt

What to bring

Running shoes, eventually with spikes
Running clothes (we´ll guide you how you can dress during the pre-meeting)
Reflective vest
Hydration belt, voluntarily

Book your trip:

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Last day to sign-up: 5 February. Number of participants: 10. If you experience any issues when trying to book, contact sarek@iksu.se.


120 kr

Place & date:

On the pre-meeting we´ll decide the route. We´ll run nearby Umeå.
9 February 2022

What's included in the price:

Head torch


Be able to run 5 km.

Mandatory pre-meeting:

7 February 2022, 18:30

Note! The pre-meeting is mandatory. If you cannot attend you must let one of the guides know. 


Hanna, +46 70 616 62 96, hanna(at)iksufrilufts.se
Linnea, +46 70 509 96 06, linnea(at)iksufrilufts.se

Information due to Covid-19:

IKSU frilufts follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and will only go through with trips and events that are in line with the current recommendations. If a trip or event needs to be altered or cancelled due to the current situation, participants will be informed immediately.