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Camping Trip with Northern Lights Scouting


12-13 Oktober 2024

About the trip

How do Northern Lights occur? Join this trip to find out how Northern Lights occur and learn the best tricks for finding Northern Lights around Umeå. Join us on a trip to Bäcksjön, a classic spot for aurora watching. We’ll spend the night in tents and hope to see the Northern Lights in the evening. We can’t promise the Northern Lights, but we can guarantee a cozy evening with a campfire, cooking, and pleasant company.

  • Date: 12-13 October 2024
  • Place: Bäcksjön
  • Price: 399 kr

Trip description

The tour consists of two parts: first, a workshop about the Northern Lights, and then an overnight trip to Bäcksjön to look out for Northern Lights.
The workshop will be held during the pre-meeting, a week before the tour. We’ll cover the basics of how Northern Lights occur and the best conditions for seeing them in the Umeå area. In the evening, we’ll also give information on the overnight trip.
On Saturday, October 12th, we’ll meet at 10:30 am at the entrance to IKSU Sport and then take the bus to Bäcksjön. From the bus stop, it’s an 8 km hike to Bäcksjön. Along the way, we’ll have a packed lunch. When we arrive at the lake, we’ll set up tents, make a bonfire, and cook dinner together. Then we’ll have a cozy evening and hope to see Northern Lights.
The next day, we’ll hike back and take the bus back to IKSU, expecting to be back around 16:00.

Practical information

Included in the price

Participants must be able to carry their own equipment in a backpack (including shared items such as tents, kitchen gear, and food).

Age limit
18 years

Mandatory pre-meeting
8 October 2024, 18:30

Note that it is mandatory. If you can't participate you need to inform the guides.

Last day to sign up
29 September 2024

Maximum number of participants


During the pre-meeting we go through all equipment and make eventual adjustments of the packing list, for example depending on the weather.

Much of the equipment is available for rental in our outdoor shop Sarek. As a participant you get a reduced price.

What to bring
Common gear carried by each team 
Tent (included in the price) 
Dinner (included in the price)

Personal gear 
Lunch x2
Breakfast x1
Hiking boots or other sturdy footwear 
Backpack, ca 60 l, with raincover 
Sleeping bag 
Sleeping mat  
Water- and windproof jacket & pants 
Base layer to hike in 
Dry change (e.g. extra base layer) 
Warm sweater or thin down jacket 
Wool socks x2 
Clothes to sleep in (e.g. base layer + beanie) 
Toiletries, incl. any medicines 
Toilet paper 
Hand sanitiser 
Blister plasters 
Water bottle, ca 1 l 
Thermos (optional) 

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