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Experience Early Winter in Vindelfjällen

Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve

29 November - 1 December 2024

About the trip

Kick off the winter season with a tour along the upper part of the Vindelälven river. Experience the winter mountains scenery during a time when nature is dormant, the days are short, and the sun is low in the sky. The tour offers an enriching outdoor life, an overnight stay in the open, sauna and a shared dinner in front of the fire.

  • Date: 6-8 December 2024
  • Place: Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve 
  • Price: 2 300 kr

Trip description

Over these three days, we will travel in a loop along the Vindelälven river. Depending on the snow conditions, the tour will be done by foot, with snowshoes or on skis. We will sleep outside for one night and in a cabin for one night. There will be a shared dinner and sauna on Saturday.

The tour begins on Friday morning when we meet at Iksu Sport to pack our gear into the Minibus and drive towards Ammarnäs. The drive will take approximately 5 hours.
Once we arrive, we will have lunch and prepare for departure. The goal for Friday is to make our way up towards Höbäcken, where we will set up camp and spend the night outdoors.

On Saturday, we will continue skiing towards Rävfallsstugan, offering views overlooking the Vindelälven river. In the evening, we will prepare a three-course dinner and finish with a sauna.

Sunday’s tour will follow the Vindelälven river downstream towards the car for the return journey to Umeå. We expect to be back at Iksu Sport around 8:00 PM, with a stop along the way for the opportunity to purchase dinner.

Practical information

Included in the price
Dinner on Saturday
Overnight stay in Rävfallsstugan (including Sauna)

Experience of cross-country skiing or Nordic ski touring is required, as the tour is partially planned in hilly terrain. Since the tour is planned during the winter, previous experience of outdoor life with overnight stays in sub-zero temperatures is also required. You must be able to carry your own equipment and some shared equipment in a backpack. 

Age limit
18 years

Mandatory pre-meeting
26 November 2024, 18:00 

Note that it is mandatory. If you can't participate you need to inform the guides.

Last day to sign up
20 November 2024 

Maximum number of participants

Additional information
The tour includes dinner on Saturday. You will need to arrange and bring your own food for the remaining meals. Since the tour takes place when it's cold and the days are short, remember to bring extra energy/snacks than you would for a regular hike. 


During the pre-meeting we go through all equipment and make eventual adjustments of the packing list, for example depending on the weather.

Much of the equipment is available for rental in our outdoor shop Sarek. As a participant you get a reduced price.

What to bring
Common Gear Carried by Each Team:
Tent (Included in the Price) 
Stove (Included in the Price) 
Windsack (Included in the Price) 
Shovel (Included in the Price) 
Fuel for the Stove 
Breakfast 2, Lunch 3, Dinner 1 (+Sunday) 

Personal Gear:
Ski Poles 
Ski Boots 
Skins for the Skis 
Snow Gaiters (Optional) 
Backpack, > 65 L 
Bright Headlamp + Extra Batteries 
Sleeping Bag for Winter Use 
Sleeping Mattress (Two Is Recommended) 
Down- Or Synthetic Jacket 

Mid-/Insulating Layer (Warm Sweater) 
Base Layer to Ski In 
Dry Change (e.g. Base Layer, Underwear, Etc.) 
Wool Socks X2 
Gloves X2 (One Shell and One Warm) 
Beanie X2 
Buff/ Scarf
Toiletries, Incl. Any Medicines 
Toilet Paper 
Hand Sanitiser 
Blister Plasters 
Water Bottle, CA 1 L 

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