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Outdoor Dinner and Introduction to Wild Camping with Kids - a Family Event!

Grössjön Nature Reserve

26 Oktober 2024

About the trip

What is better in the darkness of october than taking your children on an exciting trip where we embrace the twilight colors with dinner over an open fire. Discover the forest secrets from the light of the headlamp and embrace how cozy it can be to camp
together as a family.

  • Date: 26 October 2024
  • Place: Grössjön Nature Reserve
  • Price: 350 kr

Trip description

The event is for adults and children (all ages), and consists of two parts: 1) a one-hour pre-meeting on a weekday evening during the same week as the tour itself. The information session is voluntary, where you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge theoretically and discuss camping and being out on a hike with children of different ages. It is also an opportunity to meet the other participants and the leaders of the trip. 2) An afternoon hike and hang-out of three hours in the Grössjön nature reserve. The hike starts and ends at the Grössjön nature reserve's parking lot. For those who don’t have access to a car we will help with carpooling or other means of transportation. After a short hike, we make our way to the campsite where we offer dinner including dessert and snacks, all cooked over an open fire. In the twilight in the light of the headlamp, we discover the local area together and where the curious will be able to feel different tents in practice and see how cozy it can be. With the onset of darkness, we retreat to the parking lot and round off the Saturday evening.

So warmly welcome to an event where coziness, discovery and community on the children's terms are the focus! It is also a great opportunity to meet other Ume residents with children with similar interests!

Practical information

Included in the price
Dinner, dessert and snacks
Cozy factor
Knowledge about camping with children

No prior knowledge needed

Age limit

Mandatory pre-meeting
24 October 2024, 18:30

Note that it is mandatory. If you can't participate you need to inform the guides.

Last day to sign up
17 October 2024

Maximum number of participants

Additional information
Each individual child (18 years and younger) needs to have an adult/guardian on the trip with them. When signing up you automatically sign up both. The price, 350 kr, thus includes an adult and a child.

Children of all ages are welcome. We adapt the tour's activities as best we can according to the stated ages of the registered participants.

An information email is sent out after the last day of registration, with more information about the trip, the information meeting, as well as possible arrangements for carpooling and more.


During the pre-meeting we go through all equipment and make eventual adjustments of the packing list, for example depending on the weather.

Much of the equipment is available for rental in our outdoor shop Sarek. As a participant you get a reduced price.

What to bring
For both children and adults:

Something to sit on 
Something to drink from (e.g., a cup or plastic mug)
Something to eat from (e.g., a lunchbox or other container)
Something to eat with (e.g., a spork)
Durable pants
Warm sweater
Additional insulating clothing (e.g., an extra insulated jacket, wool sweater, or fleece)
Warm shoes
Extra gloves/mittens in case of rain
Rain gear if needed
Dry socks
Headlamp or flashlight (can be rented in Sarek)
Water bottle with water

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