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Two-day Hike in Tavelsjö with a Night under the Stars


5-6 Oktober 2024

About the trip

Join us on a nice two-day hiking tour around beautiful Tavelsjö lake where you will sleep under the stars in your own built bivouac.

  • Date: 5-6 October
  • Place: Tavelsjö
  • Price: 650 SEK

Trip description

We will take the bus to Tavelsjö to start our hike on the Tavelsjö hiking trail. After a half-day hike we will start building our bivouacs where we will camp for the night. In the evening we will share a nice dinner over the open fire. Sunday morning will begin with a good breakfast before we hike back to the bus. Here you can choose if you want to stay on After Hike at Sundlingska Gården or if you want to go back home to Umeå.

This tour is an activity organized by IKSU frilufts in collaboration with VisitUmeå during the event and hiking weekend “Hajka”.

Practical information

Included in the price
Dinner (Saturday)
Breakfast (Sunday)
Material for bivouacs and cooking

Participants should have a basic condition and be able to carry their own equipment as well as maybe some shared equipment. 

Age limit
18 years

Mandatory pre-meeting
1 October 18:00

Note that it is mandatory. If you can't participate you need to inform the guides.

Last day to sign up
17 September 2024

Maximum number of participants


What to bring
Back pack (around 60 liter)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Own lunch for Saturday
Hygiene products 
Toilet paper
Two pairs of underlay (one for sleeping)
Dry change of clothes
Warm extra clothes
Appropriate clothes for hiking
Rain clothes
At least two pairs of socks
Shoe chafing plasters
Food container to eat from, cutlery and cup
Good stable shoes/boots to hike in
Space in backpack for maybe some shared equipment
Water for 2 days (at least 4 liters)
Thermos (optional)
Maybe a tent

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