(Svenska) Schema Cykel Watt

5 oktober 2015










Veckans luncher på IKSU

Lunch at IKSU sport
is served by Hansson & Hammar.

Lunch at the Caféet at IKSU spa
from Bistro Le Garage
See the caféets open hours.




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Together with your child, you train stamina, strength and mobility to get in shape after pregnancy and childbirth. Come and practice at your level. We will meet you where you are and take you further in your training. Here are the children and the community spirit is as important as training.

Your child can sit in on sessions until the child starts to crawl.

From August 31th, 2015:

Mondays at  10 am at IKSU sport

Tuesdays at 1 pm at IKSU sport

Wednesdays at  10 am at IKSU plus

Thursdays at 10 am at IKSU sport






































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For you and others to enjoy, we have order and comfort rules in our facilities.  Order rules



(Svenska) Höstlovsläger

9 oktober 2015


(Svenska) Ta din cykelträning till en ny nivå!

23 september 2015





















(Svenska) 100% ren hårdträning | 5–11 oktober

22 september 2015


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(Svenska) Maria Larsson från IKSU basket inför kommande seriespel

21 september 2015






(Svenska) IKSU alpin söker reseledare

16 september 2015



(Svenska) Videohappeningpass i Cykel

1 september 2015








(Svenska) Kostutmaningen!

31 augusti 2015














(Svenska) Kvalitetscertifierad idrottsförening

31 augusti 2015





(Svenska) Nya cyklar på IKSU sport och IKSU spa

19 augusti 2015















(Svenska) Medlemskväll på IKSU spa

18 augusti 2015